What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time is very dependant on how much stationery you are after and when you need it for. Customers need to be booked in with a minimum of 4 weeks before when you would like your invitations.  I will outline a rough timeline when you get booked in. It’s important that you try and stick to these dates as any delay in proofing designs can result in a delay in me printing and getting them sent to you in time. 


Do you do foil?

I don’t offer foil as part of the invitations. All stationery is printed by myself and I currently don’t have the capacity to do foiling.


Do you print white ink?

I don’t print white, I print the standard CMYK spectrum of ink colours, so any dark papers are advised to be used for envelopes and/or name tags/belly bands as these have minimal text on. The text is legible, but not advised for large areas of text.  


Can I get a wallet/pocket envelope?

I don’t have the capacity to do these so unfortunately it’s not something I can offer. 


Do you do bespoke design?

I don’t offer bespoke designs. The current designs can be adapted if needed, such as swapping out an illustration or changing the orientation of the design, but please be aware this may incur an artwork fee.


Can I change the font on a design?

The fonts cannot be changed. In exceptional circumstances I may offer a slightly different alternative (usually for a script font).


Can you draw *insert building*?

I don’t offer custom line drawings or venues or other buildings etc. You are more than welcome to change the illustration to an existing illustration I have already drawn, so for example, if you would like a wizard theme, the Hogwarts castle illustration can be used (please note a small additional artwork fee may be added).


Can I get different sizes?

I offer my designs in certain sizes because they work in invitation suite. The sizes can be changed but du to design limitations some size won’t suit, of which I will advise where I can.


Do you print large table plans?

I don’t currently offer large table plans. I can design table plans to fit pegboards and frames (as in divbidual smaller cards, usually per table), but unfortunately cannot offer anything larger than A2 (42×58.7cm)